Have to make a start somewhere.

Went to the doctors on Wednesday and found out that you do not have a lot to do with doctors anymore, unless there is god forbid a problem. He told me that I have to make an appointment with the Midwife in about four weeks time. He also told me I really was advised not to tell anyone about the pregnancy till at least after that appointment, when the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced. He though the few people I had told was sensible. I laughed and said I will be happy just keeping it between the people who know at the moment, I like the fact that it is our little secret, but I know they all have people that they are eager to tell, but they have at least another four weeks that they have to keep quiet, and they say I am the one who finds it hard to keep my mouth shut, lol.

At times I do feel pregnant and other times I just feel like me. I do feel a little queasy and light-headed but so far I am managing to avoid the full on evil morning sickness and long may it stay that way, at least then there is less chance of anyone at work guessing, not that I think they pay much notice of me. Still it would be nice to avoid that problem as much as I can.


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