First Midwifes Appointment.

I am now about 10 weeks pregnant.

Today was my first appointment with my midwife and she was lovely. Sascha came with me so that he could be involved in the process.

Was asked loads of questions so they could fill in the paperwork, like was this a planned baby and are you happy about it, yes and yes were the answers given there. Then of course some blood was taken to see if I am immune to certain things and to check my blood group. They even asked how where I planned on giving birth and would I be breast-feeding, thankfully I knew my answers already.

They asked if you wanted scans, it seems you don’t have to but there was no way I was passing up the chance to see little one before they were born. So an appointment will at sometime come through for that, which will be around the 12 week mark so not long.

I came out feeling very excited and things seemed alot more real, Sascha’s first question was can we tell people now?


I would love to hear your thoughts