The First Scan – The Dating Scan.

The First Scan – The Dating Scan.

I was so nervous today, and it didn’t help that my appointment was 4pm so I had to wait the whole day. Left work at 3pm and had to have a full bladder for when I had the scan, I had so much to drink and that with nerves I had to stop at McDonald’s on the way to the hospital then I had to go again when we got there and I was still fit for bursting when we went in for the scan. How do we do it I ask myself.

Still it was all worth it when we got into the room, I was sure that when they scanned me there would be nothing there as I didn’t really believe this could all be happening, but they did find something and there they are for all to see. He or she was also really active for us during the scan and was jumping around like a little bean, just of course made me laugh and the baby jump around even more. Sascha just sat there in disbelief.

After we came out of the scan, I now actually feel like we are having a baby, Sascha on the other hand is very quiet.


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