Second Midwifes Appointment.

This appointment was before work, but due to the time Sascha was unable to come with me.

We just went over the blood tests from last time and she asked me if I wanted to do the triple test to fell out my risk of having a child with disabilities but Sascha and I decided that this test would be pointless because after seeing that little baby on that scan we were having it on matter what.

Just as the appointment was coming to an end she asked me if I would like to hear my baby’s heartbeat. Of course I jumped at the chance it would have been nice if Sascha was their too but… It was such a relief to hear it, as you can’t always at 16 weeks but as I have started feeling little ones movements at the earlier end of the scale it doesn’t really surprise me. Still don’t look pregnant though in fact people comment on how I look slimmer that what I did before I was pregnant.

I now have to wait until 28 weeks until I see the midwife again, at least there is a scan at 20 weeks in between, but even then it seems so long away.


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