Instagram pet peeve 

Instagram pet peeve 

Now rightly or wrongly I like to make relationships on social media, what’s the point of having followers if you don’t interact with them. I know who doesn’t like to be popular… but I hate all this following and unfollowing just to up your numbers. Why should you need to do this, shouldn’t your content speak for itself?



  1. November 3, 2016 / 2:04 pm

    Oh, amen to that. I follow real people back, unless they’re posting things that are too weird or not at all interesting to me. (That doesn’t mean they’re bad people or that I would not follow them on Facebook. Usually means they’re using Instagram for constant spam marketing or they just haven’t got the hang of it at all.)

    Follow me there if it suits you, or don’t. I won’t get my feelings hurt. But that follow-unfollow crap needs to stop. THAT is just rude. It’s USING people, and maybe assuming they’re too stupid to realize it.

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