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My Hearty Life

This is my first link up with My Hearty Life.  In fact it is my first link up ever.  My head has been all over the place of late and I thought it would be nice to centre.  To take a moment and look back on what I am grateful and positive for each week.  I also want to say thank you to Cherie at My Mama Musings for introducing me to this.  She’s a lovely lady and you should definitely pop over to her blog for a read.
This link is all about the positives and thats what I need more of in my life.

Grateful For…

The fact I saw the nurse on Monday instead of the doctor. This means a frank conversation was had with someone who was actually listening to me.  I feel I have made breakthroughs with my physical and mental health. I am always grateful for my mum but even more so this week as she had Amelia for a whole week for a sleepover.  So I was able to get so much done and feel like I am clearing the clutter in my mind as well as my house.  Of course me and Amelia missed each other like crazy even though we did see each other everyday.


I would say my main success this week.  Was not falling out with anymore at work.  It was a very trying week and I was pushed to my limit. Shows my strength as I made it out the other side.

Found Beauty In…

Blue skies and sunshine. It may have been cold this past week but we have been enjoying some beautiful glimpses of spring.  From the sprouting daffodils to the singing birds I have loved it all.

Have really enjoyed looking back on my week, and it has made me realise how few photos I take nowadays. I was never happy unless I had a camera in my hand. Finding that me again will be fun.


If you think you would like to join in be sure to click the link below.  I shall see you next week.

The Hearty Life