Simple Social Media Experiment

I was spending too much time just scrolling through all the social media apps on my iPhone, nights and morning would pass with me not getting anything I wanted to done, because I was like a slave to my damn phone. I did not want Amelia seeing that mummy anymore.

So I gave myself a self imposed ban of at least 48 hours, all I could do was post my 100 days of happy picture and fill in my fitness pal, and one day checking my email for my grocery delivery slot time. One day I even accidentally forgot my phone as it was charging.

Over 50 hours later what did I miss, well other than some likes on my photos, absolutely nothing. I in this time got loads of housework done, I cooked nice meals and I read a really good book. Most importantly Amelia was completely different while mummy was not continuously checking her phone. I also felt much clearer in my mind.

I don’t think I have to say anymore really, social media is great but…