Over thinking: What am I doing with my life?

Over Thinking

Too much over thinking in January 2017 has been a month as far as I am concerned of thinking too damn much.  The subjects are anything that you can think of

  • Am I being a good parent
  • Me and Sascha
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Redecorating our lounge
  • Our new kitchen
  • Fitness
  • Diet
  • Looking after myself better
  • Other random thoughts


My life is so unorganised it is stupid, I’m always trying to rush a head to the next thing, without solving the original problem.

Take for instance this blog, I have always been concerned with making it look nice, then I wanted my own domain (after all, all the cool kids have one).  When instead I should have just concentrated on writing and finding my voice, talking about the things that matter to me.  Hell if I bore myself why would anyone else want to read it. I’m still learning even after 7 years of having this blog, and if I had started with the basics I would be in a much different position to what I am now.

So 7 years on, I also see now as the beginning.  I am ready to learn more about myself in the process.