The First Scan | The Dating Scan.

The First Scan | The Dating Scan.

Due to circumstances out of our hands we thought that I would be going to the dating scan with my mum instead of Sascha which I was all prepared,  he was stuck in Spain (due to attending a Open University residential school) due to Eyjafjallajokull epruting causing all the flights to be cancelled due to the ash cloud over Northern Europe.  He had been due home on the 15th and the scan wasn’t until the 21st so no matter what we thought he would be home in time, yet the situation in the skies just got worse, so we were really worried about whether he actually would. I am not sure how he managed it, good friends on the course with him who had connections I think, we got one exhausted Sascha home but he really did not want to miss this scan, it took a plane, van and train but he got home to us.

My nerves were not helped by the fact the appointment was at 4 pm, yet I think Sascha was grateful as that meant he was able to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Left work at 3 pm, I drank a bit too much or started drinking it too early as the traffic in Norwich was crazy and the journey took much longer than I was prepared for, and if I am honest water would have been a much better idea than the tango I did drink.  With that and the nerves I had to stop at McDonald’s on the way to the hospital then I had to go again when we got there and I was still fit for bursting when we went in for the scan. How do we do it I ask myself?

Still, it was all made worth while when we got into the room, I was sure that when they scanned me there would be nothing there as I didn’t really believe this could all be happening.  He or she was really active for us during the scan, bouncing around like a little bean, of course, this made me laugh making our baby jump around even more. Sascha just sat there in disbelief.

My dating is pretty much spot on and everything looks perfect, to be honest, I could just watch my little one all day.

Walking out from the scan (after another toilet trip, of course, this is me we are talking about), I now actually feel like we are having a baby, all I want to do is talk and talk I am so damn excited, Sascha, on the other hand, is very quiet.


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