A break will do me good…

I am here at our chalet at Davy Crockett ranch sobbing, Amelia would not fall to sleep till late even after having a bath and feed so she was in bed at 10 instead of her normal 6 or 7. Oh well I thought she normally sleeps through at least 8 hours before waking me so I should get some good sleep… Wrong she was awake after 6 now after being up since 5.30 and the fact she had me up at that time the morning before I am not feeling too good, plus I couldn’t even sleep in the car to make matters worse. Anyway I thought at home she is normally back to sleep in no time, problem was everytime I tried to lay her down she was wide awake again so here I am 75 minutes later if her just falling asleep again thinking the break will do me good? Jury is still out on that one.


What do you think?