So we have finally seen Disney, surprisingly there were a lot of couples with young babies so I did not feel that strange.

Headed first to Space Mountain as daddy wanted a ride, it was a 30 minute wait so Amelia and I made plans to make ourselves busy, thankfully for about 15 minutes she was happy watching one of the other rides till we went for a stroll and met daddy off his ride, silly boy had hurt his neck on said ride and said he knew he would be sore in the morning. Went to Sleeping Beauty’s castle next and thankfully daddy kept on walking when I saw the Christmas shop or I could have spent a fortune. Just wandered round nipped to the loo, Sascha tells me the huge queue is for meeting Snow White, I look and it is actually Cinderella. I asked him does he know nothing about Disney turns out the only Disney film he has seen is Dumbo, oh he is going to have a learning curve once Amelia is older lol, good job mummy likes disney films. Came across some picture opportunities and Amelia had her picture taken with goofy, Micky and Minnie we couldn’t get near woody. Searched out some more rides for Sascha, including indiana jones, Amelia had started getting cranky we had eaten so it was time for her to the same so we searched out the baby centre, on the way saw a mini parade which included Eeyore but we never found him for a picture and it was rather a nice place to feed and change her to say she was hungry is an understatement, while we did that daddy went to go on another ride but came back before we had finished because he could not be bothered to wait. Decided at this point to go across to the other park by which time the sun had come out and it was turning out to be a lovely day. Sascha went on s couple of rides here a rollercoaster with aerosmith and another car ride can’t remember the name of it right now. Craving something sweet we stopped for an ice-cream, Amelia had, had a nap but was starting to get cranky so we carried her for awhile at which point I was kicking myself as I had forgotten to pack the sling would have been so handy. We saw a parade from a distance moved forward and Sascha got a picture of stitch so like Eeyore he was about but couldn’t get a picture with him. At this point we decided to go, okay we didn’t see the main parade but you had to get your spot 30 minutes before it started and Amelia had been so good we didn’t want to push her.


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