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Oh how I love a good list.

Making them is so much fun sticking to them is the big problem that I have.

I take part in the Goodreads challenge every year, a list and a challenge pure heaven for me. I love having a list of all the books I have read since 2011. I read more now since Amelia was born than I did before, weird but that just about sums me up. Knowing which ones I would love to re-read if I ever have time or run out of new books to read (the 2nd is never likely to happen).

Two other lists I have made the past few years is new films I have watched, broken down by each month and which films I have re-watched. The most popular months are always November and December when I go crazy on Christmas films, can’t get enough of them.

The other main list I currently have is 101 in 1001 days which I will admit I really need more encouragement on, and to revisit more often if I have any hope in crossing things off that list, that goes back to how sticking at things is my problem. It seems I need to create more lists to help with my current ones.

The best lists I could start making are ideas for this blog while I am away from the computer. I love organisation so it is about time that I get organised, at home and work. If that means lovely new stationary to help, all the better.


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