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8 Month Review

Amelia had her 8 month review today, and I was not really thinking anything of it . She is doing well crawling, pulling herself up into standing position, and babbling away every day, she has just got the hang of dadada daaaddy muct to a certain persons delight.

Yet as I walked away from the appointment I did not feel as positive as what I did before I went in.

First of all she said her name wrong, up until then I was not aware Amelia could be said wrong but I was not going to hold it against her. We were chatting about her development, and she was asking me different thinking like eating, movement etc. I was amazed when I had to explain to her what Ella’s Kitchen was, so the food question was more stressful than it should have been. I could not understand some of the things she was asking me and then she started asking about different toys and I felt ashamed that I did not have them and wondered then could I be holding her back in certain ways.

She was weighed and for the first time since she was born she has lost weigh which came as a shock. But I do know she is more active and eating slightly less because of the teething pain. She has suggested I wait a month and then have her weighed again.

Then she looks at her and says she has Plagiocephaly, my instant though is she has what? I know I probably should know, now I know it means her head is slightly flat. In 8 and a half months she is the only person who has noticed this, surely someone would have noticed at the baby groups by now. So now I worry was it something I could have prevented and ultimately I blame myself. Protective mother syndrome I guess. If that was not enough Amelia looks up at me and smiles and the HV looks at me and said she does hold her head to the side a lot, that might need physio, panic starts to set in and I watch my child happily playing on the floor, I unable to see what the HV has seen and feel like the worse mother in the world, wondering if the two things are connected. I have even found myself looking through pictures of her and still do not see it, another thing no one other than her has noticed and mentioned until now.

I know my husband will tell me I am over reacting, but it is just how I am feeling right now.

Think I will just make a doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks to put my mind at rest.


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