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A Day on the Norfolk Broads

I am really slacking on this journal, and it was time that stopped, so here we have the first of many updates. First we start with our day on the Norfolk broads. Now go in any direction from where we live and you will probably hit the sea or the broads, yet it is only the second time I have been on the broads and it was a first for Amelia and Sascha. We made our trip with his brother and family who were down in Norfolk for the weekend.

Ranworth Broad

Ranworth Broad

This is Ranworth Broad which is in fact a nature reserve so you are not allowed to sail into it. You have to go to the next broad along and moor there and walk back. Ranworth is a lovely little village that really is worth stopping off at. Climb the church tower if you dare, but it helps if you have tiny feet and are not scared of heights, but saying that I still managed to do it lol. So if I can I am sure that anyone can. There is also a pub there that does really nice food called The Maltsters, not the Malteasers which is what I read when I first looked at it.

I have to say I enjoyed the whole experience a lot more than I thought I would and can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully for longer next time, the world looks so different from this view.:-)


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