Amelia & Me


Why this journal started

I decided to start a journal based on my pregnancy, and my time as a first time mummy all the way back in early 2010. I wanted to keep a note of everything so that I could look back, hopefully getting my thoughts out in the open would not allow them to fester and hopefully it might help me and others to know that they were not going through it all alone.

In the past this journal as moved away from the basis that I started it. Time to get back on track to the reason why I started blogging, me and my wonderful little girl.

A little about me

My name is Rachel and I am 37 years old, mummy to Amelia, married to Sascha we live in Norfolk, England. Obsessed with books, (addicted to the library) I’ve always got my head in one, book not a library that is. I adore photography, writing, knitting and crochet. I have been crocheting for a year or two now, and knitting in only the last few months, but have found knitting to be my favourite and so relaxing. With also working full-time in purchasing at a boat builder I have my hands full.

A little about Amelia

She is currently 6 years old and more than happy being an only child, as she has told me on more than one occasion. Definitely happy only having to share me with daddy. In year 1 and loving it, can not wait to get to school every day and very disappointed if she does not end up on the super sun. Recently started Rainbows and swimming lessons and adoring both. A complete character who never wants to sleep incase she misses anything, when she does sleep she still talks a lot. Which means interesting nights for mummy but I wouldn’t change her for the world.