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Basic Manners | Where have they gone?

Basic Manners | Where have they gone?

Basic Manners, does anyone still have them?

Basic manners are taught to everyone as a child, Right?  Clearly not from what I have witnessed recently and it really does sadden me.  Politeness costs nothing but so few people seem to know what it is.  I have always stressed to Amelia how important please and thank you are and remind her when she does happen to forget.

Amelia has swimming lessons every Saturday morning at our local gym/swimming pool. Parents or Carers and children are continuously moving in and out of the locker rooms.   I always hold the door open for everyone and say thank you and smile if someone does the same for me (letting a door swing into someone’s face is just not polite, well not in my book anyway) How many of them do you think said thank you for even just smiled? Yes, that’s right a big fat zero. Okay, it was before 9 in the morning so maybe some of those were still half asleep (Not an excuse as far as I am concerned but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt).  Even after the lesson as the place was getting a lot busier there was still no smiles or thank yous.

The following day includes more swimming, I swear Amelia is the half mermaid.  This time it is lunchtime so early morning is not an excuse, we are in a completely different town. Still, nothing.

I can’t be alone in this? Can I?

Do you stress the importance of being polite and kind to others?



  1. 13th December 2017 / 14:36

    I do stress manners to my children and have been told on a few occasions how polite they are. My Mum always told me “Manners cost you nothing, but they can get you everywhere in life” and it stuck with me.

    I always try and teach the boys to smile and say hello, I often think of people who’s day might be made a bit brighter or elderly people who are might not see people on a daily basis etc.

    Like you said it’s free and I think it is so important to teach our kids. Although I am not perfect especially when I’m out and about with all four kids it can get a bit manic.

    The boys now all raise a hand if a car stops to let us cross the road, it’s rather quite cute. I hope my kids always are polite and I hope I model it to them as much as I can.


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