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Beautiful Spring Day.


It has been one hell of a wet but mild winter this year.

Okay if we were going to be official it’s not really spring until 21st March but with a day like today it sure feels like it. Sat in the garden while I write this wearing a t-shirt, Amelia has helped me do some gardening still loads more to do but I would rather do it in spurts instead of all at once and after today I can say that madam is definitely the same. (That and the fact I was becoming sick of being attacked by brambles and stinging nettles, I mean I even had gloves on). I’ve got next week off work so I can make myself busy as and when I want, looking at the forecast I think we will be having a few meals outside. Living in the UK you never take this weather for granted and do as much as possible as soon as the sun makes an appearance.

We even ended up at the beach, one of little madam’s favourite places. When we have been on holiday previous years she has refused to go in the water because it was cold, so we thought she would be the same today. She was the complete opposite, looking forward to Malta even more now.


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