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Blogmas {Day Three} | Rattle Baby Disco {Norwich}

7 year old girl with long brown hair wearing a coat, cuddled up to a cuddly elf with ginger hair and a green pointy hat

Blogmas Day Three

I have made it to blogmas day three. This may not seem a lot to you seasoned pro’s but this is a big deal for me. Plus I am starting to enjoy writing again, thats the most important thing at the moment.

Today was the day of the Rattle baby disco, there would be music dancing, messy play, face painting and more.  In theory Amelia should have loved it, which she did when we first got there.  Dancing with me and a inflatable reindeer, we moved on to messy play and she was having loads of fun.




















Then it started to majorly fill up with people and my happy and smiling little girl became very withdrawn.  She could not get close to any of the play items. It confused her which things cost extra and which didn’t.  The vegan stall did impress her though, she couldn’t get enough of the mini doughnuts and cookies.

The longer this went on the more quiet she became, I was making sure she was careful of other people and children, unfortunately she was not shown the same common courtesy. She found it extremely frustrating.  My husband was not impressed, especially with the music he didn’t feel it was that child friendly.  We stayed for an hour, at which point I asked her if she would like to leave. She was quickly heading for the door.

Thoughts on our day

I am wondering if maybe our expectations were too high. She knew nothing of the day until we got there, so she couldn’t have any.  “I kinda enjoyed it but there was just too many people for it to be fun”. Will be interesting to see how this changes as she gets older, if it does.

Macdonalds saves the day

Thankfully a trip to Macdonalds and stealing my Terry’s chocolate orange mcflurry seemed to cheer her up.  It’s the small things.

Sadly I am still feeling less than festive and by this time on the month this is very unlike me, hopefully I will find a way to perk up and soon.



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