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Blogmas {Day Two} | Not feeling festive :-(

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Blogmas Day Two

Here we are on blogmas day two. Not feeling festive today I can’t lie.  Probably feeling rough like I am getting a cold does not help matters.  Spent about 3 hours asleep this afternoon when I had planned on adding to the decorations and tidying. Sascha has been out so I thought I could get the Christmas tunes on loud, didn’t work out that way.  What is it with me and planning?  Been trying to get back in the festive vibe by watching Zoella’s vlogmas videos.  This normally works and it is just not happening.

I did manage to edit and post our vlogmas so if you like watching those please check it out, like and subscribe.  My daughter loves getting in on the filming and it quite happy on camera.  Still, it doesn’t bother my husband either.  Hoping that this bodes well for recording some lovely memories.

Festive Outing Planned Tomorrow

I am hoping a good nights sleep is going to sort me out.  Tomorrow is our first festive outing of the season, we are off to the Baby Rattle Disco in Norwich.  Sadly I only found out about it recently and wish I had known about it longer.  Made sure I checked, Amelia is the upper age but it is okay for her to go this is all a complete surprise for her.  Hoping she enjoys it, the girl loves to dance, trying to be positive that it gets me back into the festive groove.  I need to come up with more ideas for this Christmas season.  Baking will most definitely be in order, going to let Amelia pick what we will make.

I really need to make more time for self-care as most mums are guilty.  This has to be the reason why I am getting so many illnesses this year and not eating properly is not helpful. Stress through lack of organisation another issue, as you can probably tell from this entry 😉

See you all again tomorrow.


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  1. 13th December 2017 / 14:44

    Oh no, I’m sorry you were feeling rough. Hope tomorrow is better x

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