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Books, Books and more you guessed it books

Amelia does the sweetest things. Sascha is stood at the door and Amelia runs up to him with one of her favourite books and sits down at his feet, he does not get the hint so she gets up offers the book to him again and sits down in the same position. Finally getting the hint and a nudge from me Sascha sits down behind her and Amelia scoots back onto his lap book in hand ready to read the book.

Amelia absolutely adores any form of book, she was looking at Sascha’s book of star charts by month yesterday pointing at different points and waiting for me to tell her what it was, I explained it was daddy’s book and I was not sure what it all meant. So next time Sascha was sat near the book, Amelia brings it to him and waits for him to sit her on his lap and read it to her.

Nothing holds her attention like a book she has no interest what so ever in the television well except unless you count hitting it until I turn it off. Toys may interest her for a few minutes, but it is the books she will always come back too.


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