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Cosy afternoon at The Bowling House, Norwich: Intergenerational Fun

Cosy afternoon at The Bowling House, Norwich: Intergenerational Fun
Gifted - {Bowling & a drink provided in return of an honest review.}

The Bowling House

The Bowling house in Norwich is relatively new to the scene in good old Norfolk, having only been open since the end of March.  A Boutique bowling experience, with only 5 lanes which are shorter than a lot of other mainstream bowling venues. Therefore a perfect place to take my mum for her first real bowling experience.

You can find them on Dereham road, the closest car park just across the road from them is Barn road. Perfect for parking and also not too far from the city centre.

When we arrived at reception we were greeted with a smile by Dan. Already we felt very welcome and at ease. Nothing would have been too much trouble.

The Bowling Experience


Our visit was a real day of the generations. Me, my mum and my daughter and not forgetting my husband. My daughter likes to play without the bumpers but still likes to use the stand as her fingers are not strong enough to bowl the ball yet.  My mum was worried about playing as she has arthritis in her hands. This meant she would not be able to get her fingers in the holes.  So she and Amelia played in the same way. Which some would say sounded like cheating, but it took as much skill lining that stand up. My husband is quite a confident bowler. Yet with the slightly shorter lanes we felt on a more even playing field.

Th old cinema seats add charm to the venue. A perfect match of modern meets shabby chic.

We decided to go for two games at the request of Amelia.  Normally when we have gone bowling the games seem to take forever and everyone loses heart.  Not at the bowling house, we played a game and then had some drinks.  Sascha was leading at this point.

four glasses full of different milkshakes with red and white striped straws in each of them

We all decided on a milkshake as they sounded so good, each deciding on a different flavour. We went a saw Megan at the bar, another lovely smiling helpful face. Mum had Bananaberry, Amelia Oreo Delight, Sascha Salted caramel, and I had mocha.  There was the option to add alcohol, but we all went virgin.

Wow they are honestly the best milkshakes I have ever tasted!


After a drink break, and another game we decided we needed to try some of the food. Mum the bowling novice ended up winning overall.  She was rather chuffed.

Dining {I paid for this}

Amelia as was the rest of us hungry after a fun time bowling.  We took a while perusing the menu, Sascha deciding to go for the BoHo beef burger.  Amelia didn’t want the children’s menu that was offered to us.  She had decided while bowling that she wanted the bbq chicken wings and onion rings.  Mum and I shared the veggie platter.  The above washed down with the Adnams dry hopper lager, Sascha’s only disappointment was that they had run out of the beer he had wanted originally. Amelia decided that she had to have another of the Oreo milkshakes (she was a huge fan) Mum and I sharing again this time a Jug of summer cup, so big there was enough for 3 glasses each. So that was a merry journey home.

BoHo Burger {beef option}

Veggie Platter

BBQ Chicken wings

Just a small glass to celebrate her win.



The food was out of this world, the batter on the onion rings was so light and yet crunchy. The stuffed leaves so moorish, I was surprised and pleased the tortilla chips were made rather than a packet as you would get in most places. This was a minus for Amelia as they were not like tortilla crisps, oh well all the more for us.
I turned to ask Sascha how his burger was and it had already gone.  I would say that was answer enough. The only thing he would have liked different was the option of sweet potato fries.
Amelia declared the chicken was amazing and as good as the chicken in a Mcdonalds wrap, I guess this is high praise from a 7 year old.
If you are not a huge bowling fan it’s worth coming for the food and drinks alone.

Now for the score roundup

  • Decor
    Mum      – 7
    Amelia   – 10 {Loves the lights, or as she put it the hanging things}
    Sascha  – 8
    Me         – 8.5

  • Ambiance
    Mum      – 9
    Amelia   – 100
    Sascha  – 9
    Me         – 8.5 {eating with strikes going on behind you can be good or bad}
  • Bowling
    Mum      – 10
    Amelia   – 9
    Sascha  – 8
    Me         – 8
  • Milkshakes
    Mum      – 10 {B****y gorgeous}
    Amelia   – 10, no 20 {well she did have two}
    Sascha  – 9
    Me         – 9
  • Food
    Mum      – 10
    Amelia   – 100 {do you think she is a fan}
    Sascha  – 9 {he would have liked the option of sweet potato fries}
    Me         – 9.5 {sneaky red bell pepper with the tomato in the salsa}
  • Drink
    Summer Cup – 9.5 {Never having Pimms again}
    Adnams dry hopper lager – 8
  • Service
    Mum      – 10
    Amelia   – 20
    Sascha  – 9 {10 if the beer he wanted had been available}
    Me         – 10 {smiling and so friendly}All and all we had a really lovely afternoon and Amelia is already talking about when can we come back. Mum is also now a tin pin bowling convert.  Sascha and I would like to have a go at winning next time. It is a great place for all ages and I would be happy to come back anytime.Thanks for having us Bowling House.

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