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Breastfeeding Journey


I find myself a little sad whilst writing this entry when I originally though I wouldn’t be.

At 19 months I think our breastfeeding journey is now over. She has not wanted to feed since 4am Saturday the 2nd so I would say that this is the end of this stage of our relationship and a new one is now beginning.

I had always planned on breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months and was very lucky in the fact that we both took to it like a duck to water. 6 months came and went and we just carried on as it felt natural to both of us, I though at 9 months she would stop when we entered the biting phase but that stopped and we just kept going.

But I feel proud that I breastfed her for nearly 19 months.
And we stopped when I wanted to, on her terms.


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