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Busy day for little Amelia.

Friday was a busy day for us and our little Amelia. First up we actually were leaving the house something I had not done since I came home from hospital on Monday so that was an experience in itself, the fact we had a little baby with us was something else. And what happens on this first venture out as a family well I forget to take a changing bag, not a good start and Daddy forgets his wallet to thank goodness I remembered my handbag. We really are going to have to get more organized, but what are you meant to have in a changing bag other than the oblivious anyway.

Anyway we are off the point now, the reason for our outing was several things, first stop was the register office where we had to register Amelia’s birth and record her name, so no backing out now on our choice not that we would. AS she is our little Amelia now, has been for the last week almost so not going to change now. 😉 We now have her birth certificate long and short version, one to be sent away for child benefit and the other for our little lady’s first passport, yes I am 22 when I get my first one, she will not even be 22 weeks. So our next stop was to get her passport photo taken, which will hopefully be accepted as she didn’t like her photo being taken so Daddy tells me. I had to wait outside with the buggy, not sure why, that’s mens wisdom for you lol.

‘Next stop was to see Nanny and Auntie Danielle, where lots of cuddles were had, not that you will ever be short of those, I can tell you. Then we went and saw you great-nanny, who was over the moon to see you, and was totally is love with you, and that’s no surprise as yes you are beautiful.’

Then we had to go to Sainsburys yes Amelia’s first shopping trip, we had to make a bit of a stop in the car park before we could go in the store, I guess I will have to get used t being caught out like that. Rushed round the shop and almost make it to the end, before Amelia voiced her disgust at being in there for the whole world to hear. I think a few people were shocked that we were out with her, as she is only 5 days old, but we were not out for long, just longer than Amelia would really have liked.

After that it was home where we stayed for the rest of the day, I think Amelia and myself had, had enough excitement for one day, I was much more tired than I thought I would be, makes me wonder if I will ever not full fitness again, I know I will be but it has been so long. But for a good reason.

Got a little upset at night time when I realised that it was now Friday night and it was just the weekend and then Sascha would be back at work Monday, had a little cry to myself, not because I don’t think I will manage without him, but the fact I have had a few irritable moments but on a whole I have loved our week together as a family, and not he will be back to work and not home until at least six. I know things have to go back to normal, but that does not mean that I have to like it does it. Lords knows what I will be like I when I have to go back to work as well. I don’t even want to think about that at the moment.


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