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Everyone has their favourite Christmas films and believe me I watch a lot of them each year with Christmas 24 helping me with my fix.  But of course as much as I love a Christmas film there are ones that stand out above all the rest.

Here are my top 5 Christmas Films.

#1 Scrooged. 

This is one that I will not be sharing with a Amelia for a few years yet.  But a Christmas favourite for me ever since I first saw it.  Bill Murray at his hilarious best.
‘Look Frank it’s a toaster”
This one will never get old for me, best retelling of The Christmas Carol as far as I am concerned.


#2 Home Alone

How they could forget such a standout kid I will never know. The whole idea for the movie is nuts and yet it just works.  Oh and how I would love it live in a house like that.


#3 Love Actually

How could you actually not love this film.  Saw it at the cinema when it came out and never bore from watching it.  I adore Emma Thompson, and it will be so sad watching it this year after Alan Rickman’s passing.  It’s funny, heartwarming and sad all at the same time the perfect Christmas formula.


#4 Bridget Jones’ Dairy

Yes I am an unashamed Richard Curtis fan and I know this is not strictly an out and out Christmas film but it contains enough for me to include it.  I love Bridget, I love Darcy and I love Christmas
“Nice boys don’t kiss like that!”


#5 It’s a Wonderful life

Couldn’t finish this list without this classic, do I really need to explain why it’s here.

Now just to sit down and commence my classic Christmas viewing.  Did I miss any of your favourites? or do you agree with any of mine?

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