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Disneyland Paris trip with a 5 month old

Disneyland Paris trip with a 5 month old

Disneyland {Paris}

Finally after 31 years on this earth I made it to a Disneyland park. 7 year old me was squeaking with glee.  Grown-up me was very apprehensive. The Sun were doing one of their holiday deals hence why we made this trip with our 5 month old daughter.  Sascha was sure it would all be fine. I was not so confident.








I was worried that because we were only there with a 5 month old we would look a little strange. Also was she too young for us to really enjoy this experience. Surprisingly there were a lot of couples with young babies so I didn’t feel that we stuck out like a sore  thumb after all.

Disneyland – What we did first

We headed first to Space Mountain as Sascha wanted a ride. It was a 30 minute wait so Amelia and I made plans to make ourselves busy. Thankfully for about 15 minutes she was happy watching one of the other rides till we went for a stroll before metting Sascha at the exit. Silly boy had hurt his neck on said ride and said he knew he would be sore in the morning.


Next stop Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Sascha kept on walking when I saw the Christmas shop. Probably for the best or I could have spent a fortune. Christmas and Disney is a lethal mix for me.
Wandered round taking in the sights and soaking up the atmosphere. Sascha turns to me and says “The queue is huge for meeting Snow White” I look to see what he means and look at him completely confused. Replying that it is actually Cinderella. Does he know nothing about Disney? We have been married 5 years and I find out today that the only Disney film he has seen is Dumbo. Oh he is going to have a learning curve once Amelia is older lol. Good job I love Disney films.

Came across some picture opportunities. Amelia had her picture taken with goofy, Micky and Minnie we couldn’t get near Woody.

I’m the Disney fan but Sascha managed to get into the photo with both Minnie & Micky.


Searched out some more rides for Sascha.  I didn’t bother as I must admit I am not a lone rider.  Amelia is not quite ready yet for that experience. So lots of sitting keeping Amelia entertained whilst Sascha enjoyed the rides.

By this time Amelia was rather hungry.  So we searched out the baby centre. On the way we saw a mini parade which included Eeyore.  He is one of my favourite Disney characters but unfortunately we never found him for a photo.
The baby/child facilities were lovely.  Geared up for however you choose to feed your child.  There was lovely comfortable armchairs where I could sit and feed her.  To be honest we would have been quite happy to stay in there and have a little nap. While we chilled for a bit, Sascha went to go on another ride. But came back before we had finished because he could not be bothered to wait.


Disneyland – Second Park

Decided at this point to go across to the other park. By which time the sun had come out and it was turning out to be a lovely day. Sascha went on a couple of rides here a rollercoaster with Aerosmith music and another car ride can’t remember the name of it right now.
Craving something sweet we stopped for an ice-cream. Amelia had been napping but decided to wake up. Time for some cuddles from mummy instead of being stuck in the buggy. At this point I was kicking myself as I had forgotten to pack the sling.
We saw another parade from a distance moved forward and Sascha got a picture of Stitch. So like Eeyore he was about but couldn’t get a picture with him. Later I find out neither of this photos are even that clear, boo.





We decided to leave, okay we didn’t see the main parade but you had to get your spot 30 minutes before it started. Amelia had been so good we didn’t want to push it.

Disneyland Paris is a lovely theme park and I really would like to visit again. I will stress that this will be when Amelia is a few years older. 5 months old is not an age when I would recommend taking them at all.  Well, unless you had older children as well of course. My biggest child, otherwise known as the husband had the most fun.  For me it was lots of waiting around and annoyance that I could not get near the characters. Even holding a baby, people would think nothing of elbowing you out of the way to get their picture with Micky.

When we do come back I will certainly take note of Shel’s best ways to meet all the Disney Characters. After all Disneyland wouldn’t be Disney without them.




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