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Earlybird Review

Earlybird Review

I love subscription boxes so I am always up for trying a new one, and this time it was the turn of Earlybird, which I will admit I had only heard of recently when it was advertised on a popular social media. Healthy snacks that are more suited to vegetarians and vegans, which really appealed to me, plus no refined sugar so it ticked all the boxes as far as I was concerned.

Amelia was not impressed at all, far too healthy for her 5 year old taste buds. I quite liked it but I would still only want it as a treat and not a weekly delivery. I loved the one with cashew nuts and mango, would not have thought to put them together which was one of the things I liked about this box the combinations and things that you might not normally try.

So I definitely think its worth giving a go whether you are a vegetarian/vegan or not.

(All opinions are my own and I purchased this item myself)


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