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First Day of Weaning.

Mummy I'm not sure if I like this.

Mummy I’m not sure if I like this.

Yesterday day was the first day of weaning, I seem to be going against the flow a tad by following traditional weaning with a little baby led weaning on the side.

I did try her with a piece of cucumber and sweet potato but was more interested in playing with them than anything else. Then while washing up I gave her one of her spoons to examine so she would be used to it and she had no problem getting that into her mouth. So we decided to give her some of the Ella’s Kitchen pouches I had got to try while Sainsbury’s had them on offer.

She wasn’t sure when she had her first mouthful, but she so got the hang of it and we made the whole thing fun for her and it wasn’t long before she was opening her mouth ready. I think she loved the fact that she had both Mummy and Daddy’s complete attention, and we loved it too. She enjoyed the food so much she had some at lunch time and some at tea time. No the spoon was never forced into her mouth in fact at times she was guiding our hands, which I think is something people do worry about when it comes to traditional weaning. It was all at her pace and I am still giving her food to hold, so when it comes to weaning I am doing a bit of both, but no matter what I am Amelia led and what makes her happy makes me extremely happy.


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