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First Midwifes Appointment.

First Midwifes Appointment.

I am now about 10 weeks pregnant.

Today was my first appointment with my midwife and she was lovely. Sascha came with me so that he could be involved in the process.

We were asked so many questions so they could fill in the paperwork, questions that you would not even think they would ask, such as:
Was this a planned baby? Yes.
Are you happy with it? Yes.
Some blood was taken to see if I am immune to certain things (I didn’t take as much in as I would have liked as there was so much information) and to check my blood group.
I was amazed at this stage they were already asking how I planned to give birth and was I planning on breastfeeding.  This were questions I just knew the answer to, but I must admit they hadn’t crossed my mind until she asked them.

I was asked if I wanted the scans, I didn’t realise that you had the choice, I thought that they would just be a matter of course.  There was no way I was passing up the chance to see little one before they were born, so an appointment will at some time come through for that, which will be around the 12-week mark so not long.

I came out feeling very excited and things seem so more real.

Sascha’s first question was can we tell people now?


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