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First Shoes.

I really didn’t think this day would come so soon. Amelia has been walking really well for a few weeks now, and on holiday she was hardly off her feet. She didn’t care where she was, she wanted to be charging around. So between the two of us we decided it would be a really good idea to get those little feet some protection while we were out and about.

I decided to go to a local independent shop that I had heard lots of good things about, I wanted to make sure that she would be measured properly, as any other mother knows these tiny little shoes are far from cheap so they have to be perfect for the two months or so that they wear them.

The lady Jen was wonderful with her, to say Amelia took to her was an understatement, Amelia was made to feel really special and that was more than you could ask for, turns out she is a 4 f/g. She brought our lots of cute choices, none including velcro as Amelia is a pro when it comes to undoing that.I loved most of her choices so between Amelia and her Auntie a decision was made on which to try first.

I could help laughing when Amelia attempted to walk round the shop wearing them for the first time, but she did quite well considering she has never walked in shoes before. We also decided to try a red pair just for Amelia and her love of red, but she walked so much better in the boots as they gave her ankle a little much needed support. So we decided on the first pair, that you see in the above picture.

This has definitely signalled the fact my baby is definitely now a toddler. Not sure I am ready for that, can’t I have my baby a little while longer? I can’t believe how grown up she looks in them.


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