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Food Glorious Food

Like most people I do enjoy a good plate of food, but since 11th June 2015 what I will eat is not as big a range as it use to be. People always knew me as someone who would try anything at least once, but last year I decided to finally make the decision to become a vegetarian. My sister had made the switch to veganism about 8 months before, she would often post videos about how the animals would end up on your plate, I had always avoided them as, as much a I loved animals I loved the taste of them too. This time I took the time to watch, and by the end I was in floods of tears, and I wasn’t even able to eat the spaghetti and meatballs we were going to have for tea that night. For a while I still ate fish, but it was not for long… although out of everything I miss tuna the most.

It has not been that hard to give up meat, but it has been difficult when on holiday and in restaurants, they seem to put meat in just about everything. When we were in Malta it was in the potatoes, the greens, the pasta and even the salad, this made my meals quite boring unfortunately and as a result I had a lot more of the sweets which is not something that was great for my diet. Restaurants on the other hand have limited choices, always want to add bell peppers (which is one of the few things I actually hate) or they want to cover the taste of everything in loads of cheese, now don’t get me wrong I love cheese but not when you can not taste anything else on the plate. So my aim now is to find places that don’t rely on meat to fill their menus.

If you have any veggie or vegan recipes please throw them my way and I will be very grateful. ๐Ÿ™‚


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