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Us & The Eiffel Tower

Tuesday we had sightseeing in Paris the day I was least looking forward too. Thought since we had Amelia these would be few and far between due to the difficulties in changing and feeding her but oh well. First stop was the louvre which happened to be closed today so couldn’t go a see the Mona Lisa, then made our way to Notre Dame cathedral which was beautiful but surprisingly not as amazing as others we had seen, on the way there had to stop by the river to feed Amelia. On the way to the next stop we had a very upset Amelia, nappy needed changing and by the time I got to it all her clothes as well. After that needed to feed her again but tried to get to next stop bad mistake. She cried all the way, I was not much better, Sascha told me to smile at her, but that cry rips me in two and the accusing look she gives me for with holding what she wants. So get to the Eiffel tower and another feeding session, today was particularly hot so I explained to Sascha like us she gets thirsty more.

The train ride back was an experience as we had another exploding nappy and she also needed feeding again and Sascha was on about getting off the train and looking for a changing room I just said screw this and proceeded to take care of both on the train, should have taken the lead like that much earlier in the day and from now on I know I can do it I will.


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