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Guy Fawkes “The Nasty Villain”

Guy Fawkes “The Nasty Villain”

So today Amelia comes home from school today, telling me about the nasty villain Guy Hawkes, and how he wanted to blow up a king and queen. This was fine but then she started to ask would he blow her up too.

I explained that he didn’t succeed and he would not he able to hurt her as he died over 400 years ago. Unfortunately this did not stop her fears and the rest of the night I was told not to mention him.

By bedtime I thought it had all been forgotten, until she wouldn’t let me leave her as she was scared and would not sleep without me, in the end she had to come in with me and until she finally calmed down, Daddy transferring her to her own bed when he came up. All was fine till she woke me in a panic as she had wet the bed.

Now she hasn’t wet the bed in over a year if not two. I’m not sure whether to mention it to the teacher as the next day it could all be forgotten. We are definitely entering new territory on the eve of her 5th birthday.


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