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Happy Birthday little Amelia. Part One.

Happy Birthday little Amelia. Part One.

Happy Birthday Amelia {Labour starts}

22.45 on the 6th November while I am trying to unsuccessfully have an early night my waters break. Which was one hell of a shock and an experience I cannot even begin to explain.

I did not want to wake up Sascha at first as just because your waters break it doesn’t mean that labour always follows soon after. I wanted him to get as much sleep at possible so waking him up before I had spoken to the hospital was not an option. Rang the delivery suite at the to ask their opinion as after all I had never done this before. They tell you that you should ring the hospital as soon as your waters break. I was told check the colour to check that baby had not had a bowel movement. Then just to sit tight and count the time between contractions and the length of them.

Went back upstairs and by this time Sascha was awake and was asking me what was wrong, once I had explained he did not stay in bed for long. Contractions started to get more painful and a lot closer together but they were not lasting long enough for the hospital to wait me to come in.

Mum gets the call.

Called mum to tell her that the time had come to collect Cleo (she is our greyhound) She came round and was talking to me. While Sascha and I started to get things ready to make a move to go to the hospital.

The contractions were getting to the point that they were only 2 minutes apart, a lot closer than the 5 minutes when they say you should start making your way to the hospital. Rang delivery suite again and told them, but they still while not happy that the contractions were not lasting a minute so they reluctantly told me to come in but to take our time in doing so as they were having a really busy night. Not something you want to hear when you are in that much pain. Waited as long as I could at home with mum. Sascha talking me through my contractions till it got to the point he decided enough was enough. We were going to the hospital whether the contractions were lasting a minute or not.

Said a tearful goodbye to mum and started our journey to the hospital. This was an experience to say the least. A complete haze with an contraction coming on after the other. Once we got there I still had to make my way up to the third floor, practically crawling. That seemed to take ages, but at least I was there things could only get better couldn’t they?

Busy Night

Finally made it up. Then we had to go and wait in the waiting room until a suite became available for us. I remember sitting there for an hour at least having very painful contractions.  Just dealing with them with the help of my TENS machine (which if I remember was turned to the max).  Watching the room fill up more and more. It got to the point people were sitting outside, the thing being a first come first serviced basis. Finally a birth suite became free. It wasn’t long before I was on that gas and air which Sascha actually asked for, for me. Well one of the two of us had to be with it, and I certainly was not.


Birth doesn’t work to a schedule, as Parenting Phil’s agree.


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