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Happy Birthday little Amelia. Part Two.

Happy Birthday little Amelia. Part Two.

By the time they checked how dilated I was I was 6/7 cms, no wonder I was in so much pain. The midwife was looking after me and someone else and while she was out of the room I was feeling the need to push, so I made Sascha go and tell them and they asked me to hold on I would be fine I wouldn’t need to yet. I begged to differ so when she came back and checked me yes I was good to go.

The next few hours though were a bit of a haze and I went from pushing and then having to stop because it wasn’t working, I know at one point they put me on a drip as my contractions were strong but they were not lasting long enough, I always dreaded the thought of a drip but I was in so much pain elsewhere I barely noticed that being done. They had also attached a heartbeat monitor to the top of her head as it was hard to detect it through my tummy now. As soon as the drip kicked in, the pain became even more intense, also I had gone from 10cm to 9 1/2 cm because I had a swollen lip through the pressure and was told to stop pushing. Now anyone who has been in my position would know stopping pushing is not an option, the doctor came in and checked me by this time I was in such pain she offered me an epidural and I took it, at the shock of Sascha who I had told under no circumstances let me had one, the person who could do it was in theatre at that time so Sascha asked if I could have some pethidine instead wow what a relief that was, things were bearable again. Then at 5am, four hours after arriving we had a change in midwife teams and that’s when things started changing for the positive:-)

I became fully dilated again which was good news and the drip was doing it’s job, the doctor’s keep coming an checking on me wanting to move it along in other ways but the midwives kept them away telling them that I was doing find on my own, which I was. In the end it took me three hours of sold pushing and a little snip to get you out, the midwives were brilliant and were no way going to let me give up. As soon as you were delivered you let out a scream that was music to my ears, you were lifted straight up on to me and you were just so gorgeous, of course this was when we got to find out if you were a little boy or girl and to our surprise you were a little girl, not the little boy everyone seemed to think I was having. The only problem was now we had to come up with a name as we had really not given girls names that much though. After much thought Amelia was the first name Daddy came up with that Mummy actually liked too, and hence you why named Amelia May Ley.


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