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Happy New Year.

So how did my new year start well I was in bed by 10.00
Read until 10.30
Woken by Amelia at 11.50
Fell asleep in the bed together soon after
12.55 woken by Sascha coming to bed, moved Amelia to cot.
02.05 Amelia awakes again
03.15ish I get back to sleep
06.40 Amelia awakes for the day
Thankfully daddy is already awake, takes Amelia downstairs.
08.00 I am up for the day.

Hoping in 2012 I see more of the 06.40 part onwards, the rest ummm I’d rather not.

Off out today to a family get together where there will be at least 40 of us, and three flights of stairs with no stair gates I know it is going to be an active day for me, hopefully it means I can start shifting some of these excess pounds early? Then it is a walk to Cromer Pier to watch the new years day fireworks.

Hope you all have a lovely day.


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