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Welcoming Mikey

Welcoming Mikey

Image taken from Great Yarmouth home finders

Introducing Mikey

Let me introduce you to Mikey the new member of our family. This gorgeous boy has been living with us now since Sunday 2nd October 2016. I am loving every moment of it.

New to this blog? Then you will not know that Mikey is the second greyhound that we have re-homed.  Our first grey Cleo died in March earlier this year. Web had loved her so much. Would we ever be ready to give another dog a home.

The strange thing was that before her I had never thought of adopting a greyhound. They just seemed so aloof and not very cuddly.  My husband actually chose her. His dog had just died and my fluffy Belgian shepherd cross at the time was in need of some company.  She and I ended up adoring each other. After my dog passed she ended up being the only dog in the house, she gravitated more towards me.

She had her social problems. Still because of her I totally fell in love with greyhounds as a breed and could never imagine not having one.  6 months after she passed I was ready to open my heart to another hound.  Amelia was very keen as just like me she is a HUGE animal lover, and was really missing now having a doggie to cuddle up to.  It was just the husband that needed talking round as he didn’t think we were ready. Finally he was on the same page as the ladies in his liTime for another greyhound

Now there was no doubt that we would be getting another grey. This time we knew wanted to get one from Great Yarmouth Homefinders a brilliant greyhound rescue who are part of the retired greyhound trust.  Working closely with Yarmouth Stadium so that the horror stories you hear elsewhere just don’t happen.  As soon as you visit them at Hainford you can see how much they love the dogs. Most people who work there having one or two of their own. Greyhounds really are an addictive breed and you will find it hard to stop at just one.

As soon as Amelia saw Mikey she didn’t want to look at any of the other dogs. Deciding he was perfect. (I could have taken them all home to be honest, so you know what will happen if I ever win the lottery)  We took him out for a walk and my husband was his normal guarded self. Amelia on the other hand decided he was more and more perfect with every step. When he played ball with her that was it she was smitten.  We arranged the home check for later that day. Were approved and we went and collected our new family member the next day.

It's love!

He's coming home.

Loves a long walk.

Deep sleep

Yes thats the spot.

Still not sure about this selfie lark mum!


Loves a good neck rub

I’m tempted to treat him to some Fetch 

More updates will follow…

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