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Keeping in touch days…

Never thought they would actually want me to use them but they did, it is the Hardy Cruise for the next couple of weeks and they need me to go in for a couple of hours just to help out, so that Sally will not have loads of work to come back too. So from today for the next nine days I will be going in 9am – 11am to get as much as I can done, I just hope that after 8 months I can still remember how to do it still I guess it will ease me back into the work again before I go back on the 11th July.

Trouble is I am so nervous about leaving Amelia and whether I will be able to do anything when I get there, will I be able to remember passwords etc, plus has anything changed that they have forgotten to tell me lol. Yes as Sascha tells me I worry too much but it’s only the tension sometimes that keeps me together. Plus last night I think Amelia was teething as she took ages to get to sleep and had me up three times during the night, only to decide she wanted to get up for the day at 5.20am. She is now upstairs taking a nap the lucky little so and so, I think I am due an early night tonight, just need to make sure I actually have one, of course that depends on Amelia as well.


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