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Yes I am THAT mum.

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Being a Parent – Yes, I am THAT mum.

It’s hard being a parent. When I take my daughter to school, and we have some time to kill before the bell goes where will you find me?

Chatting with other parents and carers? No.

I’m the one you will find playing chase with my child while getting looks from the other parents while their child sometimes joins in the game. But I am a mother of an only child.

Yes, I am THAT mum.

I used to yearn for other mummy or daddy friends. It just never works out. Everyone knows someone from older children, groups. They normally have more than one child, so it feel like we just don’t fit the mould. So as much as I tried they would rather talk to someone that they are familiar with. Or they will chat but it never goes further.  I feel as if I have two heads some days, so I withdraw and don’t always bother when I should.

I used to really bother me and left me wondering what was wrong with me. It’s taken me a while but now I don’t give a flip. We are just not compatible I have not yet met my fellow bonkers parent in my local area. Maybe one day.

Why I will never be that mum

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