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Welcome to my second link up with #myheartylife  With my chance to look back on the positives of the last week.


This last week has been very trying at work there were big changes that really effected everyone.  It was shocking to begin with and I can’t really go into details as it involves someone else.  But we are all starting to get on more and the communication is improving so much. My mental health is better and that is definitely something to be grateful for.


I have started the 5:2 again at the suggestion of the nurse I saw last week. When I followed that routine a few years back I preformed really well on it. Yes, I lost a ton of weight, looked better, felt better. I exercised more, made better food choices. My hair, nails and skin were amazing, I slept better and my mental health improved (really makes me wonder why I stopped in the first place).  I was worried that it was a fluke and would not work again. But when I weighed myself this week I was given a boost when I was proven otherwise.


If you think you would like to join in be sure to click the link below.  I shall see you next week.

The Hearty Life


  1. 4th March 2018 / 14:32

    Work can cause us so much stress and I hope things are getting better there now. Hopefully you have someone at home that you can vent to.


    • Rachel
      6th March 2018 / 19:51

      Thank you. Things are so much better now thank goodness.

  2. 28th February 2018 / 22:06

    Hi Rachel,

    It’s so good that even during a difficult work week you could still find the thing to be grateful for. Communication is key whether it is work or marriage.

    I’m intrigued by this 5:2 you are doing would love to read more. I feel like I have fallen down a black hole when it comes to my diet and fitness, feel like I need to crawl back out!!



    • Rachel
      6th March 2018 / 19:52

      I try and look for the positives always but boy is it hard sometimes.

      I will do a blog post on the 5:2 just for you x

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