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November = Start of Christmas Fun

November = Start of Christmas Fun

Yes I am one of those annoying people that adores Christmas, once will have celebrated my daughters birthday on the 7th and my sisters on the 9th as far as I am concerned it gives me licence to go completely crazy. Yes I agree that the shops and the adverts start too early each and every year, but then all they see is the £ signs.

Christmas for me is so much more than that, presents are lovely who wouldn’t say no to a gift, but the ones I love the most are from people who know me the best, and get me something that really means something and comes from the heart. Not spending as much as possible or a panic buy of oh that will do.
Yes Christmas for me is spending time with those you love that mean the most, family traditions, putting the decorations up which just seem to lift the spirit. The decorations that you have had for so many years they could tell their own story, decorating the tree with my daughter and seeing the excitement and wonder in her eyes.

Christmas is such a merry time and we should spread that joy to everyone, so that no one feels alone. Just a smile or a hello can mean so much. It’s something that should last all year.

Yes I am in a very happy and positive mood and this time of year has kick started it and I want to hold on to it.


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