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Open Farm Sunday / 30 days wild

Open Farm Sunday  / 30 days wild

In her element.What could be more wild than visiting a farm on open farm Sunday (well probably plenty of things, but today we decided to do this) We visited Clarke’s Farm in Martham, I had never been to Martham before and was surprised at how lovely an area it is (really do need to see more of my home county).

Martham Church

The event was free due to Farm Sunday this particular farm well I wanted to move into the farm house as it was lovely and so was its garden. On site was a livery yard where was got to see the horses, who looked none too impressed at all the people coming to see them. When we got there a farrier was shoeing one of the horses, I would have been happy to watch, Amelia on the other hand was not waiting around. There were a few stalls of products made from items grown at this farm, sugar, kettle crisps (which Amelia headed straight for) and Panther beer which her daddy was more interested in.

Trying the Kettle crisps

Trying the Panther ale

Amelia’s highlight was holding a pheasant chick, they were cute, wanted to take them home. Also went for a tractor ride, we expected a quick ride round the village, but was surprised when we went on a journey round the fields and then to watch some sheep shearing, Amelia wanted to cuddle the sheep, I wanted to fuss the sheep dog.

Happy Madam

5 day old Pheasant chick


Shearing the sheepAll in all it was a lovely day out and was much more than we expected (especially as it was all free). Will definitely be visiting another farm next year on 11th June 2017.

(all photos are my own)



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