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A book really can effect you in ways that you never thought imaginable.

I have recently got into audio books available through my library (I adore a good library). A way to still devour books even when I am hard at work and my hands are not free.  The latest one is  Late Fragments by Kate Gross, a story of love for a family after her failed battle with cancer. It has really opened my eyes, and makes me realise that most of us don’t really value what we have.  Always thinking about what we want instead of being grateful for what we do have.  No I am not turning this into a melanacholy lecture about how we should all live our lives to the fullest.

Just thinking how I myself need to live in the moment more, the best moments in life are not when you weigh the perfect weight, when you look your very best. Stop thinking I will do that then… Why not now, no moment is better than now, why tomorrow. You may enjoy it so much today, you can do it again tomorrow. Spending far too much time planning, rather than doing.

I need to do more living, NOW not later.


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