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Review | VeemcDee Lucky Dip Pack.

Review | VeemcDee Lucky Dip Pack.


When Veemcdee offered us a chance to try one of their lucky dip creative packs I jumped at the chance, Amelia really is not happy unless she is being creative so this was a perfect match. Unlike other craft packs that send you instructions, Veemcdee is different, for them, your imagination is your only limitation.

First reaction
So what was Amelia’s reaction when she saw the pack, well a huge smile followed by is that for me mummy. Going through the pack she decided it was all very cool and pretty. She couldn’t get started on it right away as she hadn’t been very well, but come the weekend she was itching to get her hands on it. Typical Amelia wanted to share things with me as she knows I am a huge stationery lover, but didn’t argue too much when I made clear it was hers to do as she wished.


Pack contents
Stripy string
washi tape
tissue paper
gold leave shaped cutouts
stencil shapes
coloured straws

Let the creation flow
I was interested to see what she would come up with as there is really no telling with Amelia. Well, she barely thought about it before she set to work. Quite ambitiously she made a bunk bed and bedding for two of her LOL dolls. I really would not have guessed that would be the result.
It is safe to say that this pack was a huge hit with my 6-year-old, and she is still creating with the pieces that she had left over.

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