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Sea Palling with the school

Sea Palling with the school

Building SandcastlesToday I had a day off work and well to help out with Amelia’s Class as they were having a day out at Sea Palling beach.  Lived in Norfolk all my life and yet I had never been to Sea Palling, strange isn’t it. It wasn’t blazing sunshine, but it was warm and it didn’t rain and that is all you can hope for in a British summer.  Most important all the children had fun and I coped with my group of three.  As a mother of 1 I am used to being kept on my toes but not quite to that degree, but I at least survived and I am willing to do it again so that is saying something.  Now I have been through all the checks which the teachers are fully aware of, I think I will be called upon for trips for most of her school life… well until she is too cool to want mummy there anymore that is.  I only took a few photos making sure that I didn’t accidentally get any of the other children in them, bless Amelia she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take any of her and her best friend for me to post, so I have to explain to her I didn’t have her friend’s mummy’s permission.  Not everyone is as happy as Amelia for people to see her picture, it’s horrible that we live in a world that we have to worry.





We have to look after our wonderful beaches, and tidy up after we have been.

It was also a lovely end to another week of out 30 days wild, hope will we beat it at the weekend… well we will sure try.

What are you plans for the weekend?



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