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Travel now that was an alien word. Considering before the age of 26 I had never been on a plane.  The furthest I had been was France & Belgium, I now love to travel and see new places.

Growing up my Dad never liked to go to a place where he couldn’t get home again the same day, so we never travelled any further than Norfolk, unless you count Derby and London for weddings whoo hoo. At school I don’t remember many of my friends going on holidays. I do remember one girl who went to Florida at high school, I only remember that because she was so sunburnt. When I reached 18 there was no sudden desire to travel, as I had never been surrounded with that mindset.

Then I got married…

My husband is from Germany and moved to England with his family when he was 11, as he lived in London he would think nothing of jumping on a train into mainland Europe. He transferred to Norfolk because a promotion. To the laundry where I worked and that was where we met. I had always wanted to go to EIRE, I blame my penpal Alison and a love of Boyzone and Westlife. For our belated honeymoon he took me to Dublin, and the Wicklow Mountains. An absolutely stunning country and one I want to go back to and discover more of. Over the next few years we discovered more of mainland Europe and New York, taking in as much as could.

Travelling when pregnant, that was an eye opener and we also tell Amelia about the places she went too when she was in mummy’s tummy.  When Amelia came along we were going to calm down on the travelling but it didn’t happen. Now Amelia is just as addicted as we are and she can’t wait till our next holiday.  I know we both want to see more or the US and would love to see places like India too. It never stops and I don’t want it too.

Lugano Rome

New York Wicklow

Santa Ponsa



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