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Why we Love Superdrug & Punky Moms.


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We Love Superdrug

When Superdrug reached out to Punky moms for a collaboration, as a member of the squad I jumped at the chance to get involved.

I had the opportunity to go into my local store. Coosing from Superdrug’s own brand products. I was spoilt for choice.  As a 39 year mum of a 7 year old, self care and spending money on myself often takes a backseat.

I have never bothered with skin care, other than giving my face a regular wash. So I thought it would be good to pick up some products that would encourage me to make a change in that area.

two tubes of superdrug branded products. Exfoliant and eye make up remover in beige colours
On to the products

When I do wear make up I am shocking at removing it. Enter vitamin E gentle eye makeup remover.  Now it definitely did the job, the waterproof mascara I had been wearing all day just melted off.  It wasn’t oily and therefore thankfully didn’t irate my eyes, as they are very sensitive. I followed this up with the exfoliator once I had cleansed the rest of my makeup away.  As it says on the tube it was indeed gentle, and smelt lovely to boot.

a clip board with a we love superdrug card attached, a superdrug health card and a card we you are awesome also laid on top. Two beauty products laid beside in mint green and silver boxes. All laid on a white wooden floor.

Moving on to the naturally radiant range.  I was slightly nervous before applying the glycol acid, hoping that my skin would not be too sensitive for it.  It all went well and off I went for a hopefully good night sleep before needing to wash it off in the morning.  The smell was nothing too write home about but it wasn’t unpleasant either. After washing it off my skin felt amazing I can’t wait to apply it again in a couple of days. The Brightening radiance balm was nice to put on and wasn’t greasy, which is a complaint I usually have.

It will be interesting to see the results, as I plan on reporting back in 4 weeks.  I am happy to carry on using all these products.  The huge bonus for me is that Superdrug own products are Cruelty free, and I try to make sure that everything I buy is.

So if you are planning on starting or changing your skin care routine. I suggest checking out your local Superdrug.




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